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Every bedding ensemble design is unique and custom made to fit your style and your home. We offer an assortment of spread options such as coverlets, bedspreads, and duvets. Your bedding is further customized with quilting styles, fill options, types of enclosures and more. Complete your ensemble with intricate shams, throw pillows, and a dust ruffle. We can even add a foot throw for your furry friend. At Unique Interiors, we will take careful measurements in your home then custom design your bedding for a perfect fit.

Local Workroom

Meticulous attention to detail is part of our business. This is why your custom creations are sewn here in our custom workroom. Rest assured that only a select few will be fabricating your design, eliminating the occurrence of errors that are so common with commercial workrooms. We work with homeowners and designers, starting from the preliminary design to the finished product. What sets our business apart is truly "hands-on". Ashley measures, fabricates, and installs your custom product. 

 If you are a designer, please call Ashley to see how our workroom will benefit your business.


Let us enrich your life with the artistry of custom drapery and bedding by adding tasteful, distinctive character to your home. Our fabric and trim collections contain an astounding spectrum of colors, bold and subdued patterns, and exquisite textures.  Unique Interiors caters to any design sensibility, whether you are drawn to the look and feel of traditional draperies or prefer an eclectic approach in style.

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